Everyone is welcome to attend the Wedding service…
but space at the reception venue is limited. The number of family and friends isĀ  already greater than the venue capacity; the reception guest-list is now closed so please be understanding if you didn’t RSVP in time.

There’s plenty going on around the venue, with opportunities to hang out with friends, buy drinks and food, and browse the retro market. And maybe later on, when some guests have left, to join us at the venue.

Dress Code
However you are most comfortable is great! If that is morning dress or suit, fine. If not, please come as the brightest, most beautiful, colourful version of yourself. To Friends of Crossbones, we say: the outlaws come to church in their Sunday best!

Please be aware that the area is very busy on Saturdays (Borough Market is adjacent to the Cathedral) and parking is very restricted. Allow extra time to park elsewhere and make your way by foot or public transport.