Help & Donations

Our fabulous adventure will be all the more memorable if friends help make it happen. Let’s make it a day to remember for all our community!


Many friends have kindly offered to help with many of the 1001 things that need doing on the day or beforehand – if you’re able to help in any specific way, let us know what you’d like to do.

For our informal reception we’re inviting guests to bring food to share. Please bring what you’d like to find; savoury food and fruit is particularly welcome.
* Note that this is a humous and pitta bread free zone!


A few guests, and friends who can’t attend, have kindly asked how they can contribute to the wedding or honeymoon pot. So we’ve set up two options – your choice entirely whether or how to chip in. Option 3 is the traditional cash in an envelope given to the Best Man! We’re really grateful for every donation but really no pressure, and please, no wedding presents 🙂

PayPal click HERE 
There’s no charge for donations in UK£ using a bank debit card or your PayPal balance; there is a small charge for cross border, non-sterling or credit cards.

If you prefer not to use PayPal, click HERE and donate via GoFundMe
No charge for donations in UK£ made with a debit card, and no need to create an account or log in. Just click the blue ‘donate now’ button – £5 minimum; no maximum 🙂 By default a ‘tip’ for GoFundme appears, but this is optional. Just click on the tip box, select Other and enter 0.00 in the £ box.

Thank you!